Solution for:

Automated social media campaigns, Schedule and monitor social media posts

Tools used:

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Sheets, Gmail

Created by:

Fuzen Team


$25 / month
For UNLIMITED social media accounts

Credit card NOT required

Schedule Social Media Posts

Timing is essential in social media marketing. If you post something to LinkedIn at midnight in your timezone, it is less likely to get any attention.

That forces us marketers to plan ahead and create a social media calendar – with the content to be shared and its schedule. But in order to follow through that schedule, you need to remember to log in to your social media accounts 2-3 times a day.

Sometimes you get caught up in a meeting and your schedule goes up for a toss.

This app will come to your rescue in such a case.

Schedule your social media posts from a Google spreadsheet, along with the content, description, title etc. Fuzen will post it to your accounts and notify your team, so they can like and share it.

Login with your Google Account to start your trial.
Credit card NOT required.

How it works

  1. Connect your Google and social media accounts with Fuzen.
  2. Make a list of content to be shared in the coming days in Fuzen spreadsheet.
  3. Schedule the content to be shared at particular date and time.
  4. Fuzen will post to your social media accounts on your behalf, as per the schedule.
  5. Your team will be notified of the new posts. So they can like and share it.
  6. Finally, you can monitor the progress and engagement for your social media campaigns from a central dashboard.

Start 7 days free trial. Credit card NOT required.

Benefits of social sharing automation

  1. Plan your social media posts ahead of time
  2. Always get your timing right for social shares
  3. Notify your team of the new posts, for initial engagement
  4. No need to remember to log in and share something
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