Solution for:

Automated social media campaigns, Schedule and monitor social media posts

Tools used:

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Sheets, Gmail

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Schedule Social Media Posts

Timing is essential in social media marketing. If you post something to LinkedIn at midnight in your timezone, it is less likely to get any attention.

That forces us marketers to plan ahead and create a social media calendar – with the content to be shared and its schedule. But in order to follow through that schedule, you need to remember to log in to your social media accounts 2-3 times a day.

Sometimes you get caught up in a meeting and your schedule goes up for a toss.

This app will come to your rescue in such a case.

Schedule your social media posts from a Google spreadsheet, along with the content, description, title etc. Fuzen will post it to your accounts and notify your team, so they can like and share it.

Social Media Calendar Features

Schedule your social media campaigns on a calendar

Notify your team to like and share new posts

Schedule posts on multiple Facebook pages

You social media data managed in simple spreadsheets

Schedule posts for multiple LinkedIn pages and profiles

Get automated suggestions to reuse popular posts from the past

Measure engagement on a central dashboard

Customize the workflows and formats as per your needs

Login with your Google Account to start your trial.
Credit card NOT required.

Starter Plan

For small teams,
upto 3 users

  • Automated Facebook and LinkedIn posts
  • Email alerts for each new post
  • Track engagement in real time
  • Post on multiple pages
  • Online Training Included
  • Customized workflows, reports and integration

Pro Plan

For growing businesses
and agencies with unlimited users

  • Everything in the starter plan plus..
  • Enough headroom for a growing team or agency
  • Customized workflows, reports and integrations
  • Fast tracked support
Best Value

How does it work?

Upload your mailing lists to Google Sheets

Copy your email content to Google Docs

Send emails with your connected Gmail or SMTP account

Fuzen will help you to land majority of your emails in INBOX

Measure the progress and success rate of your campaign in simple Google spreadsheets

Login with your Google Account to start your trial.
Credit card NOT required.

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