CRM Software Integration With Google Drive Apps

Google Forms

Use mobile friendly forms to get customer data, requirements from your sales team in the field

Gmail Integration

Connect your Gmail to CRM dashboard to seamlessly manage customer conversations

Google Sheets

Manage your sales pipeline data in simple and user friendly spreadsheets

Google Drive

All your sales data and are securely managed in your own Google Drive Folders

Credit card NOT required for 7 days free trial
Afterwards pay only $25 per month
(no per user pricing)

How does FUZEN CRM connect to Google Apps

End to end tracking of your sales pipeline from a central dashboard.

Customer details, requirements, documents, commercials and conversations organized in a single place.

Google Form integration to easily capture customer requirements, documents, photos, geolocation etc. directly to CRM.

Quick & easy proposal creation.

At the click of a button, all techno commercial details updated in a predefined template – which can be fully customized.

Review the proposal PDF file and then directly email it to your customer from the CRM dashboard.

Send other emails using predefined templates, such as – introductory or follow up emails.

Email conversations are organized in lead details section.

All customer documents, site photos and other data is safely stored in your own Google Drive account.

Enabled with best security and privacy settings.

CRM data is directly connected to Google spreadsheets, giving you the freedom to easily manage and analyze your sales numbers.

Honestly now, it doesn't get any easier than this
when it comes to managing your sales with Google Apps

If you find any other simpler & cheaper alternative, let us know.
We'll make your account free forever!

You won't need a credit card for the trial

Starter Plan

For small teams
for upto 20 users

/ month
  • Integrated with Google sheets, Forms, Gmail and Folders
  • Workflow to capture customer requirements + commercial details + proposals
  • Monitor sales funnel in real time
  • Regular email alerts
  • Online Training Included
  • Customized proposal creation

Pro Plan

For growing business
for upto 100 users

/ month
  • Everything in the starter plan plus..
  • Enough headroom for a growing team
  • Customized proposals + workflows
  • Fast tracked support
Best Value

Enterprise Plan

Fully customized solution
For unlimited users

  • Everything in the pro plan plus..
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Fully customized workflows as per your established work practices

Find out how this CRM will make help you grow your sales with just simple Google Drive Apps.

Central Dashboard

Use the central dashboard to keep track of your sales funnel and optimize resources for sales

Mobile Friendly Forms

Tight integration with Google Forms enables configurable & mobile friendly forms to capture customer details

Spreadsheet Grade Flexibility

Thanks to Google Spreadsheets integration your sales process can be easily configured by adding new columns to the sheets.

Seamless Collaboration

Enable seamless collaboration across your work managed in Google Apps and your sales process

Google Drive Integration

Your customer data, documents and conversations are securely managed within your own Google Drive account

Custom Workflows

Smart workflows to automated sales management and other related processes in integration with Google Apps

FUZEN CRM can connect with the most minute level details thanks to
tight integration with your Google Sheets, Forms, Folders and Email

You can easily automate follow ups, proposals, messaging, reminders and
many more mundane chores with the combined power of Google Apps and FUZEN workflows.

Get 7 days free trial

Pay only $25 per month afterwards

CRM for Google Apps

crm explainers

FUZEN CRM connects with Google Apps to turn your Google or Gsuite account into a powerful sales management platform.

This FUZN CRM dashboard can be customized as easily as adding new columns to your Google Sheets. Google Apps provide a very simple and user friendly interface to create leads, manage conversations, create proposals and grow your sales.

On top of powerful Google Drive apps, FUZEN framework enables easy customizations to digitalize your sales process completely with your Google Apps.

All of this is done while the privacy and security of your data & documents is ensured by Google.

Sounds interesting?

Then why not take it for a trial run? Try it out for your team.

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