Solar EPC Project Management: Getting started

Fuzen’s solar project management app turns your Google Drive into a fully integrated project management platform to monitor the day-to-day work being done in all your Solar EPC projects at different sites.

Scope of work for each project is captured in a spreadsheet. From there, work is planned and delegated to the team. Members of the project team get automated email reminders about the work that is pending. They submit progress updates from site using a form on their mobile phones. All progress data is collected and reported on the central dashboard.

Setting up your Solar Project Management App

Create the solar project management app on Fuzen dashboard

Go to the “App Marketplace > Get New App” option in the menu. Here you will see all the apps in the Fuzen marketplace available for free trial. Search for ‘Solar Project Management’.

Fuzen offers a 7 days free trial for this app. You can click on the ‘Start Free Trial’ button to start your trial. You can use the app for free for 7 days, without credit cards. Afterwards you will need to upgrade to a paid plan to continue using the app.

When you click to ‘Start Free Trial’, Fuzen will attempt to install the app within your Google Drive. So it will try to connect to your Google Drive account. If your Google Drive is not already connected to Fuzen, you will be asked to authorize the required connection. Your authorization will allow Fuzen to add the cold email automation files and workflows to your Google Drive.

Please provide the required permissions and then again submit the form to create new app.

After providing the required permissions, your Fuzen account will be connected to your Google Drive. Then you can again go to the template for ‘Solar Project Management’ and click on ‘Start Free Trial’.

App is created

When you start your free trial, Fuzen will add the ‘Solar Project Management’ app to your Google Drive. It will also set up the sales tracking dashboard within your Fuzen account.

You can track all your ongoing solar installation projects from this dashboard. This dashboard is connected to your Google Drive. You can see the connection by going to ‘Connected Tools’ section.

Central dashboard: to monitor all ongoing projects

Project Dashboard sheet: contains a list of all your ongoing projects

User Guides: to help you get started with the solar EPC project tracking

Google Drive Folders: which contain all the newly added tools in your Google Drive

Click on the Google Drive folder to open it in your browser. Next the workflows added to your Google Drive can be activated.

Activate the workflows within Google Drive

When the solar project management app is added to your Google Drive, it creates automated workflows attached to all the newly added spreadsheets, folders and forms in your Google Drive. But you will first need to authorize and activate workflows to work within your Google Drive.

First open the “Projects Dashboard” sheet newly added to your Google Drive folder.

To activate the workflows attached to this spreadsheet, click on “Activate the dashboard” button.

You will be asked to provide the authorization for these workflows. Click on ‘Continue’.

Provide the required permissions for the automation to work.

That completes the first step in activating the workflows.

Next, click on the link to ‘Activate the daily progress update form’. That should open another spreadsheet which would be used for capturing the updates sent from sites.

Click on the green button to link this spreadsheet with the ‘Progress Update Form’ and activate the related workflows. Google Drive will ask for your authorization and permissions. Please follow the required steps.

That completes the 2nd step, where the progress update form is activated. A pop-up will show you a link to that form. Click on it to open the form.

When you open the form, Google Drive will ask you to restore the folder for file responses of this form. Please click the “Restore” option.

That’s it! All the workflows within your app are activated and your app is set up.

Next step is to create a new project within this solar project tracking app. Go to the ‘Main Menu > Projects > Create New’.

Then refer to these steps to create a new solar EPC project within this app.