Solar EPC Project Management: Plan and delegate activities

After you have created a project, you can proceed to list all your important project activities in the Task List spreadsheet.

There, you can set the planned schedule and scope of work (SOW) for those activities. Then delegate to the members of your project team.

Create a project plan / schedule

For your solar project on Fuzen, you can go to the Task List from ‘Project Details’ page of Fuzen.

Otherwise, you can also find this task list directly from your Google Drive.

When you open the task list spreadsheet, certain project activities are already listed there by default. Those are there just to give you an idea of how your project scope of work can be managed in this task list.

You can edit these project activities, their WBS numbers, priorities etc. It is even possible to customize the format of this task list sheet by adding new columns. But we recommend that you do this after consulting with our support team, so as to not disturb the automation workflows that are already configured for this spreadsheet.

To set up the planned schedule date, you can enter the details in either two of the – Duration, Planned Start or Planned Date columns. If you enter duration and planned start date, then planned end date will be automatically determined.

The actual start and end dates will be determined based on the progress updates actually sent by your project team, once the work commences.

Define project scope of work (SOW)

But before commencing with the project work, you will first need to define the planned scope of work or SOW for each activity.

You can do this by entering the appropriate amount of work to be done in the ‘Planned SOW’ column and then select the correct unit to measure the work.

If you are unsure about the unit to be used just enter the planned SOW as 100% – so enter 100 in the planned SOW column and select ‘%’ as the unit. For example, certain documentation or site survey activities will need to be measured in terms of their % completion.

The ‘Actual SOW’ and ‘% Progress’ columns are updated automatically based on the actual work done reported by your project team via the ‘Progress Update Form’.

Delegate the activities

Once you have defined the timelines and SOW for all the activities, you can assign them to the members of your project team.

You can select the owner for each activity by going to the ‘Task Owner’ column.

Once all the project activities are delegated, Fuzen’s automation workflows will start working.

Fuzen will send daily email reminders to your project team regarding the work that is assigned to them and is due on that day.

They will then use the ‘Progress Update Form’ linked in the daily emails to send progress updates about actual work done – on site, in office, documentation, contractual work etc.