Solar EPC Project Management: Create new project

After you have set up the solar project management app in your Fuzen account, the next step is to create your first solar project on Fuzen.

Create new project

Go to the “Menu > Projects > Create New” option in the menu. That will take you to the project creation form.

On the project creation form, enter the project name, description, start date. Select the ‘Rooftop Solar Projects’ template, select your project team members. Finally, select the previously created solar project management app, as the parent solution.

Selection of the correct parent solution is quite important. The parent solution is used for grouping together multiple projects.

For example, if you can set up two different parent apps for residential projects and commercial rooftop projects. That will create two groups of projects clubbed under two parent solutions. This way you can manage different portfolios of solar projects.

When you click on the ‘Create New Project’ button, the new project is added to your Fuzen account. The very first thing that you will see is the project level dashboard, with a list of all of the tasks within the project, along with planned and actual progress values.

Further, you can click on the ‘Connected Tools’ tab to see the other elements of this app, which make it work.

For each project, the important elements are –

Progress Tracking Dashboard: to track task wise progress of all project activities and monitor all task level details

Task List Spreadsheet: where you can create, manage and delegate the complete scope of work for a project

Google Drive Folders: which hold all the important spreadsheets and files for this particular project

Shortcut to parent app: a quick link to go the parent project portfolio

Activate the project level workflows

When a new project is created, Fuzen adds project level progress tracking workflows to the ‘Task List’ spreadsheet. Open the ‘Task List’ spreadsheet to activate these workflows.

Next, click on the big green button to activate the task list and associated workflows.

Google Drive will ask for your authorization and permissions. Please provide the same to activate the workflows.


When task list is activate you will see a pop-up message.

That’s it! Your first project has been created and activated within your Fuzen account and Google Drive.

Next, you can actually create or edit the scope of work listed in the task list and then delegate it to your team members.