Cold Email Automation: Getting started

Fuzen’s cold email automation app turns your Gmail & Google Drive accounts into a highly productive email marketing platform.

All your mailing lists are managed within Google Spreadsheets, you can create nice looking email templates within Google Docs. All these elements are well structured within your Google Drive. Fuzen’s automation workflows connect these tools with your Gmail account to send out marketing emails that will achieve a very high opening rate.

Now, let’s go through the first steps to set up your cold email automation app.

Setting up your Cold Email Automation App

Create the cold email automation app on Fuzen dashboard

Go to the “My Apps > Add New” option in the menu. Give your app a title and some description for your own reference. Select the “Cold Email Automation” template. Select your team members and click on “Add Solution” button.

If you haven’t connected your Google Drive to Fuzen already, you will be asked to authorize the required connection. Your authorization will allow Fuzen to add the cold email automation files and workflows to your Google Drive.

Please provide the required permissions and then again submit the form to create new app.

App is created

When the new app is added to your account, you can see the following important elements within the app.

Email campaigns dashboard: to create and manage all your email campaigns, mailing lists and email templates

User Guides: to help you get started with the cold email automation

Google Drive Folders: which contain all the newly added files and workflows required for cold email automation

Activate the Email Campaigns Dashboard

Click on the ‘Email Campaigns Dashboard’ to open it in your browser. This app will help you create new email campaigns using Google Sheets, Docs and Gmail. But first, it will need your permission to access your Google Sheets and Google Drive.

Click on the ‘Review Permissions’ button.

Google will ask for you to authorize this app for accessing certain files and folders in your Google Drive, needed to create and manage email campaigns. Please provide the necessary authorization.

And that’s it. The cold email automation app has been set up in your Google Drive. You can see the email campaigns dashboard, along with a dummy campaign created by default for your reference.

From this dashboard, you can next create new email templates, mailing lists and cold email campaigns.

Getting familiar with the Google Drive Folders

When Fuzen creates the cold email automation app within your Google Drive, all the files and workflows required for the app are added to a folder. You can access this folders from your new cold email automation app.

When you open the Google Drive folder, you can see the following important folders within your Google Drive.

  • Campaigns – containing all spreadsheets that run your cold email campaign
  • Email Templates – houses the Google Doc files where your cold email templates are created
  • Mailing Lists – folders for all mailing list spreadsheets
  • Miscellaneous – for any other miscellaneous files

Now that your cold email automation app is set up let’s look at adding new mailing lists and templates to your app.