A Todo List App that is - simple, light, and 10x cheaper.


Mobile-friendly app to delegate tasks to your team members.


Central dashboard with all the self-added and assigned task list.

Daily Reminders

Get reminders of your pending tasks daily through WhatsApp and Email.

Track Activity Log

Activity log to track the status of all the tasks within the team.

Completely free plan for upto 5 users. [No credit card details required]
Scale up or down as per your requirement.

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How does the Todo List App work?

Easily create and delegate tasks

Create and delegate tasks to yourself or your teammates within seconds.

Manage all your work from a central dashboard

Set yourself to accomplish all your goals. Find all the tasks assigned to you in one place. Available on both mobile and desktop, you can work on tasks all day long.   


Schedule your activities 

Set priority, add due dates, set reminders for your daily task, and keep yourself on track. Also edit, delete and manage tasks with one click.


Manage work-related documents and files

Attach files along with tasks and also share them with your teammates.

Keep track of what everyone is upto

Use the activity log to track all your tasks. Check the status of all the tasks assigned within your teams.

Daily Reminders

Always stay on track by receiving daily updates of your pending tasks on WhatsApp and Email.

Honestly now, is there any easier or better way
to manage all your tasks?

And the best part is you can start using it for free.

You won't need a credit card for the Starter Plan

Starter Plan

For small teams

  • Ideal for small team for upto 5 users.
  • Daily WhatsApp and email notification
  • Central dashboard
  • Activity log
  • Delegate unlimited tasks
  • Attach unlimited files
  • Mobile friendly app
  • 100% customizable

Pro Plan

For growing startups

/ month
  • All the features in Starter plan
  • Fast tracked support
  • Ideal for growing startups with upto 10 users.
Best Value

Growth Plan

For high growth businesses

/ month
  • All the features in Pro plan
  • Ideal for high growth businesses with upto 30 users.

Enterprise Plan

For a fully customized, enterprise solution with UNLIMITED users,

Central Dashboard

Use the central dashboard to keep track of your tasks and manage them anytime

Mobile-Friendly App

Make it easy for your team to manage or assign tasks using their mobile phones

WhatsApp and Email Notification

Get reminders of your pending tasks daily through WhatsApp and Email

Seamless Collaboration

Enable your teams to work together closely, assign tasks and files, and increase the productivity within team

Google Drive Integration

Use Google Drive apps to track tasks, share files, manage communication and be in control of the tasks management

Custom Workflows

Use custom workflows to automate your task process, with Google Drive tools

Find out why this is the best Todo List App for your business

Fuzen Todo List App

FUZEN Todo List

Fuzen’s Todo List App turns your Google Drive or Gsuite account into a powerful task managing platform, fine-tuned for the nuances of managing your business.

Set yourself to accomplish all your tasks with Fuzen’s Todo List. Easily manage all your task from anywhere at any time. Delegate tasks to yourself or your team with just a single click. Also, you can attach files along with the tasks,

Fuzen platform uses Google Sheets, Forms, Docs, and Drive Folders as building blocks. They are connected with workflows customized for your business practices. Due to this flexibility, Fuzen Todo List App becomes the best fit for any business.

Sounds interesting?

Then why not take it for a trial run? Try it out for your team

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