Fully integrated platform to manage solar installation projects

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How it works

Custom Project Management System for Solar Installation

integrated solar project management software

Install this app within your Google Drive and connect all your team members to it. Create new projects from FUZEN dashboard.


Your team members get a daily email reminder to submit progress updates for the projects they work on. They submite the latest update via a mobile friendly form.


For each project, FUZEN creates a folder in your Google Drive, along with Task List spreadsheet. Create project SOW in the sheet and delegate to your team from there.


All progress data is updated in a central database. You can monitor the progress for different projects in real time. Keep an eye on how projects move, take corrective action whenever needed.

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Smart way to manage solar EPC projects

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Document Management

Manage all drawings, contracts, invoices etc. with automated workflows

Procurement Tracking

Keep track of all the material movement from BOQ to delivery on site - for all your solar projects

Monitor Construction

Track the installation, construction and commissioning work from all sites

Cost Control

Track the actual costs against budget, with customized cost control workflows

Google Drive Integration

Effortless integration of all your project spreadsheets, documents, folders, forms and emails

Custom Workflows

Use custom workflows to help with solar project management

Solar EPC Project Management

Rooftop solar project tracker

Does your project team still work predominently with emails and spreadsheets? There’s a good reason for that. Your team members have probably grown up using emails, spreadsheets and shared folders. For them, it is a matter of convenience over connectivity.

It has become their habit to use spreadsheets and emails to manage work. If you ask them to start using a project management or ERP software, they will just see it as a burden.

But don’t worry. Fuzen can help you by simply converting your Google Drive into a sophisticated solar EPC project management solution.

Your team will love it for being as simple as Google drive and at the same time you get all the benefits of a well-connected business solution.

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