Manage materials, resources, progress and costs for all your
solar projects with simple Google Drive tools

Credit card NOT required for 7 days free trial.
Afterwards, pay only 35$ per month for a starter plan

How does the solar project management app work?

Track and Manage all your ongoing solar projects from a central dashboard

Manage documents, data, photos and files for all your projects from the comfort of your Google Drive

Use simple and user friendly spreadsheets to track, manage and edit all the important project activities

Fuzen automates progress tracking for your solar projects with daily email alerts

Use simple and mobile friendly Google Forms to get progress updates, material requirements, resource utilization and expenses from site

Honestly now, is there any easier or better way
to track and manage all your solar projects in real time?

If you find any other simpler & cheaper alternative, let us know.
We'll give you a free forever account!

You won't need a credit card for the trial

Starter Plan

For small teams
for upto 5 users

/ month
  • Integrated with Google sheets, Forms, Gmail and Folders
  • Capture daily progress + material movements + project costs + expenses on site
  • Monitor project health in real time
  • Regular email alerts as per user roles
  • Online Training Included
  • Customized workflows & reports

Pro Plan

For growing startups
with upto 20 users

/ month
  • Everything in the starter plan plus..
  • Enough headroom for a growing team
  • Customized reports + workflows
Best Value

Growth Plan

For high growth businesses with upto 50 users

/ month
  • Everything in the pro plan plus..
  • Customized roles and access rights - for a high growth team
  • Fast tracked support

Enterprise Plan

For a fully customized, enterprise solution with UNLIMITED users,


Do you share project updates, files and photos on WhatsApp?

  • While whatsapp is a simple and effective communication tool, it’s not ideal for record keeping
  • What happens when you need to refer to some files or photos shared six months ago? You waste a lot of time digging through old messages

Using disconnected spreadsheets to manage project work?

  • Spreadsheets are very effective and easy to manage, but the data between them remains in silos
  • Without directly connecting the spreadsheets, it is highly time consuming to create important reports for each project
  • As the project level data is isolated in different sheet, there is no single dashboard to easily track what’s happening in multiple projects

Planning to use an ERP for project management?

  • Most construction teams in the field don’t prefer working on a heavy user interface of ERP, they rather prefer spreadsheets and emails
  • ERP platforms can prove quite expensive to customize and roll out
  • There is always a risk that your team many not use the ERP to it’s full extent

The ideal software solution for solar project management
combines the user friendly spreadsheets, emails, shared folders
with the customizable workflows and automation similar to ERP

Get 7 days free trial

Pay only $35 per month afterwards

Document Management

Manage all drawings, contracts, invoices etc. with automated workflows

Procurement Tracking

Keep track of all the material movement from BOQ to delivery on site - for all your solar projects

Monitor Construction

Track the installation, construction and commissioning work from all sites

Cost Control

Track the actual costs against budget, with customized cost control workflows

Google Drive Integration

Effortless integration of all your project spreadsheets, documents, folders, forms and emails

Custom Workflows

Use custom workflows to help with solar project management

Solar EPC Project Management

Rooftop solar project tracker

Does your project team still work predominantly with emails and spreadsheets? There’s a good reason for that. Your team members have probably grown up using emails, spreadsheets and shared folders. For them, it is a matter of convenience over connectivity.

It has become their habit to use spreadsheets and emails to manage work. If you ask them to start using a project management or ERP software, they will just see it as a burden.

But don’t worry. Fuzen can help you by simply converting your Google Drive into a sophisticated solar EPC project management solution. This project management app also integrates fully with our popular solar CRM platform.

Your team will love it for being as simple as Google drive and at the same time you get all the benefits of a well-connected business solution.

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