Solar site survey report

Before you install solar PV panels at a site, you need to study and understand following factors –

  • Is there enough space for solar PV installation?
  • What is the shadow free area? What is the average sunlight on that area around the year?
  • What is the orientation of the building? Accordingly what would be the azimuth angle?
  • What is the current electrical infrastructure – sanctioned load, current connection etc.?
  • The average and peak requirements for the customer

Typically a site survey is done before any solar PV project, to understand all the factors mentioned above. A report of this solar site survey helps later to create proposal and finalize scope of work for the project.

Importance of site survey in solar sales process

The site survey is usually done by sales people who are also technically conversant. This also gives them an opportunity to interact with the customer, understand their requirements, budget, purchase urgency etc.

Solar site survey

Hence, along with the technical parameters listed above, site survey is also used as an opportunity to understand a customer and his financial readiness for a solar PV project.

Accordingly, following details are often noted in a solar site survey form.

  1. Customer Information – Name, Company Name, Address, Contact Number etc.
  2. Site Information – Latitude & Longitude, Roof height, Free Space, Structure Type (RCC / Metal sheet) etc.
  3. Electrical Infrastructure – Sanctioned load, Connection type (single / 3 phase), Installed Capacity and Voltage of Transformers, Consumption load
  4. Additional Documents – Recent electricity bills, Single line diagram, Rooftop sketch, Site photos
  5. Financial Information – Customer’s requirements

Understanding the budget and purchase urgency

Note that, details of customer’s budget or purchase urgency are not always captured in the site survey form. That is simply because, most customers would not discuss the budget or payment terms before seeing a proposal.

But it would be very useful to at least get notional understanding of the budget and purchase urgency. So that accordingly time and attention can be devoted to that particular lead.

We recommend that both these fields be added to your site survey form.So that, at least notional values of budget and urgency should be recorded in the site survey report.

Preparing the solar site survey report

Once the site survey details captured by the sales team are required by the proposals and project teams. Therefore it is important to create a report of the details collected in the solar site survey.

Let us look at basic requirements of the solar site survey report:

  1. The report should provide a clear and complete understanding of the project site to the proposals team, so that they can create a techno-commercial proposal without any assumptions.
  2. It should also provide a notional understanding of the prospect’s budget and readiness for a new solar PV installation. That would help the project manager or sales team to decide the commercial details of the proposal.
  3. A report should be automatically generated as soon as the solar site survey is completed, to minimize the time taken between site survey and proposal submission. Sometimes this is very important in order to keep the competitors from stealing your prospects. Fuzen’s solar sales tracking app helps you to directly email a site survey report to your team from your mobile phones.
  4. It would be very useful to record the site survey report in your solar projects CRM. This way you can refer to these details easily at any point in future. Sometimes your customers ask you to come back after 5-6 months when they have budget. At that later time, you would have the site survey report available at your fingertips.
  5. It is quite common for solar PV installers to work with partners on some projects. Therefore your site survey report should be simple enough to be understood by anyone in the solar installation business.

Solar site survey report format

Any solar PV installer will have their own format for site survey reports. But the general outline for such reports is fairly common.

Any format should be fine, as long as the following key guidelines are followed –

  • Use easy language and common terms used in the industry. So that if you decide to work with a partner on any project, they should be able to understand your reports.
  • Use commonly accessible documents such as PDF, HTML, Email etc.
  • Put all the information about – customer, site, electrical infrastructure, photos, documents etc. in one single file.
  • Preferably, site survey should be done with a site survey app, so that the report remains easily accessible from a database.

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