Cold Email Automation: Edit campaigns and schedule

After setting up your cold email campaign, you can make changes to it or edit the campaign schedule by going to the ‘Campaign Details’ page.

Edit campaign schedule

Select the campaign from the dashboard that you want to edit and go to the campaign details page.

Here, you will see the edit button for all the attributes that you can change. Click on any of the edit buttons to open the pop-up window to edit campaign schedule.

In this pop-up window, you can change the days on which emails should be sent, number of emails to be sent per day, time window and timezone. Then update the schedule by saving the new details.

Campaign details will reload and you will be able to see the updated schedule for your campaign.

Edit the drip email sequence

You can also edit the HTML content of your drip email sequence templates. First go to the email template that you want to edit.

Click on the edit button next on that particular template to open the editing interface for HTML content of the email template.

Make the required changes and click on ‘Update’ button to save the updated HTML email content. The next emails will be sent with updated email content.