Proposal email template ideas and best practices

Email is still a handle communication channel for sales, especially for B2B sales and it is still a preferred medium to send your sales proposals. With that in mind, we put together a list of best practices and email template ideas for writing proposal emails.

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1. How to write a proposal email – best practices

1.1 Highlight your experience and expertise
1.2 Cover all the bases
1.3 Highlight important points
1.4 Don’t miss any important attachments!
2. Email template ideas for proposal
2.1 Freelance services
2.2 Software solution proposal
2.3 Engineering / Technical services proposal
2.4 Infra project proposal email

How to write a proposal email – best practices

Follow these best practices to write effective proposal emails and increase your success rate.

Highlight your experience and expertise

If you are sending your proposal in a cold email, for example – proposal for your freelance services etc, you will be making your first impression with this proposal email.

In that case you would want to make a strong, positive impression by highlighting your experience and expertise – for example – “8 Years of SEO experience, helped 15 websites to get DA score of 60+”.

Cover all the bases

Use your proposal emails to clearly outline the proposed work, terms and conditions. Cover all the points to not leave any room for future misunderstandings or disputes.

If you are sending a proposal for a complex project, for example – a software / app development project, it is important to cover all of the details in your proposal. The major points from your proposal should also appear in your proposal email.

Highlight important points

The most important parts from your proposal should also appear in your email. Especially, try to focus on the points which can put you ahead of the competition. Try to highlight such important points using bold text in your email.

For example – “40% cheaper than other alternatives”.

Often, many of your recipients will only glance over your emails. Make your USPs immediately clear and force them to take notice of your proposal email.

Don’t miss any important attachments!

Also remember to send any other documents with your proposal, which can make your case stronger. For example, you may like to send case studies, past project list, customer testimonial etc.

    Email templates for proposal

    By using a standardized email template to send your proposals, you can add a little more automation to your lead management process.

    Freelance services

    If you are a freelancer offering services such as – SEO, email marketing, lead generation, app development, web development etc. you know that market for such services is already crowded.

    So you will need to reach out to many people in order to get a few leads. You can do that with cold email marketing workflows to reach out to a large audience base.

    Use the following email template to send a proposal for your freelancing services. Automate your email campaign, so that you can reach out to many people without actually spending your own time.

    Subject: {{Lead Company Name}} <> {{Your Company Name}}
    Hey {{First Name}},

    This is {{Your Name}} from {{Your Company Name}}. We recently helped {{Happy Customer Name}} with their {{Area of your expertise (e.g. SEO)}} and we were able to achieve {{result that you are proud of}} in just {{number of months}} months.

    When I came across your website, I thought we can definitely help you do the same with potentially even better results.

    I am sending you a very high level proposal of how we can help you. But I would love to connect on a quick call and share more details.

    Can we connect sometime this week?

    Let me know.

    Attachment1 – Proposal.pdf
    Attachment2 – Case Study.pdf

    We have kept this proposal email template fairly generic, so that you can use it for a number of cases by tweaking it a little bit. The subject line is intentionally kept vague to get more email opens. But you alternatively use the following subject lines –

    • Improve your {{your value proposition}} by {{x percent}} %
    • Here’s what {{your well known customer}} had to say about {{area of your expertise}}

    To get more creative with your subject lines, check out these best practices for cold email subjects.

    Also check out these cold emailing best practices and a few more email templates for B2B cold emails.

    Software solution proposal

    Normally you will send a software solution proposal to someone only after you have had a few discussions with them to understand their requirements. So this is not going to be a cold email. The recipient would probably know you to a fair degree, when you get to the software proposal stage in your sales cycle.

    So in this email, the focus should be on presenting a thorough solution, removing all room for doubt, and setting up complete clarity for future work to be done.

    Subject: Proposal for {{solution / project name}}
    Hi {{First Name}},

    After our detailed discussions of the past few days, we have identified following key requirements to be addresses within {{software solution name}} –

    {{Complete list of requirements / features / functionalities}}

    Based on that we have identified the following outline for proposed solution –

    {{List of important points which answer the key requirements}}

    Please find attached a detailed proposal for the discussed solution, along with all the technical and commercial details. Please let me know in case you have any questions.

    Warm regards,

    Attachment1 – Proposal.pdf

    Since this is not your first email to the customer and since they have already requested a proposal from you, the important thing here is to be thorough in your proposal.

    Emphasize on all the requirements that your solution is going to answer, so that the commercial proposal and solution can be justified.

    Engineering / Technical services proposal

    Proposal for engineering services or any other similar technical services is going to be fairly complex. You will be able to submit a proposal only after having at least a few interactions with a customer and having a detailed understanding of their requirement.

    Therefore this proposal and the email you send should try to display, how you have thoroughly studied the customer’s requirements and why you are well qualified to provide the required solution.

    Subject: Proposal for {{Project Name}}
    Hi {{First Name}},

    After receiving your RFP, we have studied your requirements for {{nature of services – e.g. engineering design}} in detail and planned for the best possible solution.

    I am sending you a detailed proposal attached with this email. But basically, it important points are –

    {{List of important points in your propsal}}

    I am also sending you a list of similar projects that we have executed successfully in the last few months.

    Let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Warm regards,

    Attachment1 – Proposal.pdf
    Attachment2 – Project List.pdf

    Infra project proposal email

    For an infrastructure project proposal, you may need to say several other documents along with your proposal in the email. Typically you may send – project schedule, contractual document, payment schedule, quality plan etc. in your proposal email for an infra or construction project.

    Subject: Proposal for {{Project Name}}
    Hi {{First Name}},

    After receiving your RFP, we have studied your the scope of work for {{Project Name}} in detail and I am sending you a detailed proposal attached with this email. I am also sending a few other documents for your reference –

    {{List of important documents attached}}

    Let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Warm regards,

    Attachment1 – Proposal.pdf
    Attachment2 – Project Schedule.pdf
    Attachment3 – Quality Plan.pdf

    If you are looking for email templates for your solar installation business, you will find them here. You can copy and use them in this CRM platform to get new leads for your solar business.

    Also make use of these standard proposal templates to speed up the proposal process for infra projects.

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