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Cold email is a simple and straight forward lead generation tool that is inexpensive (mostly free) and easily accessible. No wonder why so many small businesses, start ups and freelancers use cold emails to get their very first clients.

But because so many people use it so widely, there’s a lot of noise. And if you are planning to use cold emails to get new leads for your business, you must write your cold email to stand out from all that noise.

That’s why we put together a whole list of cold email templates, useful in different scenarios. You can use these email templates as a starting point to create your own perfect cold email – suitable for your business.

But in this post we are going to narrow down our focus and look at a few cold email templates specifically for offering professional services. So if you are a freelance marketer, independent web developer, designer, sales consultant, project manager or offer any other kind of professional services, then read on. You may just find something useful to grow your business with plain and simple cold emails.

Table Of Contents
1. Cold email templates for offering services
1.1 Email templates for web designers
1.1.1 Highlight specific improvements
1.1.2 Get connected through references
1.2 For web developers
1.2.1 Find if there’s a need or create one
1.2.2 Showcase the quality of your work
1.3 Offering online marketing services
1.3.1 Results matter – flaunt your past projects
1.3.2 Offer something for free to gain trust and start a relationship
1.4 Email template for freelancing services
1.4.1 Simple cold email
1.4.2 Portfolio email
2. Putting these templates to use

Cold email templates for offering services

Email templates for web designers

Highlight specific improvements

When you reach out to people offering specific web design services, they will respond positively only if they realize they need your help. To help them come to this realization, first help them understand specifically what you are offering and why they need it.

This email template is an example of offering web design services centered around conversion rate optimization or CRO.

Subject: XX% increase in online sign ups
Hi #First Name#,

This is #Your Name# from #Your Company#. I help businesses like yours to get more customers from online traffic to their website.

You have done a great job so far with your website – #website URL#. But I noticed a few things which could be improved.

#List of proposed improvements#

We did the same modifications for #website of your existing customer# last month and the coversion rates on their landing page went from #earlier conversion rate# % to #improved conversion rate#%.

Would you like to imcrease your online sign ups by XX% ?

Then let’s connect on a quick call to go over the details. Let me know what time works for you.

Warm regards,

Get connected through references

When you write a cold email to someone, it’s not easy to get their attention with the very first email. People are busy and rarely have time to go through proposals sent by strangers.

But it is a whole different game when you get connected through your happy customers who will vouch for you. If you mention their name in the subject line, it is almost always guaranteed to get your cold emails opened and read. When your proposal comes recommended via someone connected to the recipient, it carries a lot more weight.

Subject: #Name of your happy customer# suggested that we connect
Hey #First Name#,

This is #Your Name# from #Your Company#. We help businesses like yours to get more customers from online traffic to their website.

Earlier this year we worked on a project for #Name of your happy customer# and in the end we were able to help them achieve #your great big achievement#.

They recommended me to write to you regarding your website as well.

I did take a look at your site and you have done a pretty good job. But there are still some key areas where we can improve the UX.

#List of propsed modifications#

Would you like to connect on a quick call to go over the details. Let me know what time works for you.

Warm regards,

    For web developers

    Find if there’s a need or create one

    People will buy from you only if you make them realize why they need your services. For example, if you are going to offer your web / app development services, first you have to identify why your recipients need app development and then help them realize this need too.

    In this email template example, you will understand how to create need for your web development services before offering them.

    Subject: Your site is struggling on mobile!
    How are you doing #First Name#?

    Let me first congratulate you for the great job you have done with your website – #website URL#.

    Your knowledge of #name of the specific industry# is deep and it is reflected in your website content.

    But did you know that the majority of Google searchs on topics related to #specific industry name# are coming from mobile devices? Infact more than XX% of your website visitors visit your site from the mobile phones.

    And I observed that your site isn’t quite mobile friendly yet. The loading times are higher and some pages get distorted on mobile.

    If you just fix those 2 simple issues – loading times and responsive design, your organic website traffic can increase by YY%.

    We help online businesses to adapt to a more mobile friendly internt, by making their websites mobile friendly and also with mobile apps for android, ios and windows phones.

    Let’s connect on a quick call and I will walk you thorugh how exactly we are going to improve your mobile presence.

    What time works for you?


    Showcase the quality of your work

    Web / app development is technical work and the quality of work is very important in ensuring final success. If your app or website crashes often it’s going to cause more headache than solving any problems.

    Use the following email template when offering web / app development services, to underline the high quality of your work using portfolio of past projects.

    Subject: Thinking of going mobile? Quality matters!
    Hi #First Name#,

    You may already know how people are increasingly using their mobile devices to access internet – #link to an article about increating mobile usage#.

    I noticed you don’t have a mobile friendly website or any native apps yet. This would be the right time to invest in making your business more mobile accessible on mobile devises.

    We can help with that. We have already helped hundreds of similar businesses with responsive websites and native apps on – android, ios and windows.

    Here are a few of them –

    #Screenshorts of highlighted work linked to those websites#

    And our complete portfolio –

    #Link to portfolio on your website#

    When you invest in your website or app, you should do it with the long term plan and maintain high level of quality. As you will see from our portfolio, we always have a strong focus on quality.

    Let me know if you would like to explore more details and we can connect for a quick call.


    Offering online marketing services

    Results matter – flaunt your past projects

    When it comes to online marketing, everyone seems to have great big ideas. But fewer people are able properly execute them. Many freelancing marketers will write cold emails claiming to be marketing gurus, creating a lot of noise.

    You can stand out from that noise by letting your past work speak for you.

    Use this email template to showcase actual results from your marketing campaigns, before offering the same services to potential clients.

    Subject: XX% ROI with this simple marketing channel
    Hi #First Name#,

    Cold email is still probably the simplest and cheapest tool that you can use for lead generation, provided that you can catch someone’s attention with your emails.

    While most businesses struggle to come up with attention grabbing email content, that is precisely what we help them with.

    Earlier this year, we took up a few lead generation campaigns for #name of your happy customer#. After #number of emails# sent to #number of recipients# people in their mailing list, we booked XX meetings and helped them generate YYYYY $ additional revenue – with cold emails.

    Here are a few more success stories that we helped create – #link to article on your website#

    On an average our customers have see #ROI percent# % return on their investment into cold email campaigns.

    Would you like to explore how it can help you? Let’s connect on a quick call.

    Please schedule a call at any convenient time – #link to your calendar#

    All the best,

    Offer something for free to gain trust and start a relationship

    Your target customers probably get hundreds of cold email proposals from freelancers every month. Almost all of those cold emails will get ignored because the cold email senders are strangers. They are not known or trusted.

    So if you can start your conversation by offering something helpful and truly useful for free, they will come to know you and trust you. Then they will be ready to understand your proposal.

    Subject: #Free resource name# to help you get started
    Hello #First Name#,

    At #your company name#, we help online businesses to expand the visibility and get more leads. We specialize in #your area of expertise#.

    Now I could share more than a hundred stories of how we helped our clients to improve their online visibility through #your area of expertise#.

    But better than to hear someone else’s story I want you to have first hand experience of the great potential of #your area of expertise#.

    That’s why I am sending you this Ebook – #Name and link to the Ebook# which outlines the basic steps that you take to improve your online visibility.

    If you decide to give it a try, it will not take more than X days to implement the changes and you will see the output in just YY weeks.

    If you need any kind of help with #your area of expertise#, let me know. I’ll be glad to connect over a call and help you out 🙂

    All the best,

    Email template for freelancing services

    Simple cold email

    This is a simple cold email template for offering your freelancing services. Use this template when you want to reach out to a large list of people and just drop a message about your services.

    Subject: How do you manage #area of your expertise#?
    How are you #First Name#?

    My name is #Your Name# and I help #specific company type# with #proposed service – one liner#.

    Here are a few highlighted projects – #list to your portfolio page#

    I wanted to learn how you handle #area of your expertise# at #recipient company Name# and show you how we can help you. Are you available for a brief call on #propsed days#?


    Portfolio email

    When you meet a potential client at any conference or event, you can later send them a cold email with your detailed portfolio. It is always a good practices to do this, because even if they may not need your services right away, your email will help underline your name in their memory. So when they are finally ready to hire a freelancer, they will be more likely to think of you.

    Use this email template to share your portfolio and underline your experience in the services you are offering.

    Subject: Sending you my portfolio
    Hi #First Name#,

    It was nice to connect with your at #event name# earlier. As discussed, I help businesses like yours with #area of your expertise#.

    I am sending you a details of a few recent projects to help you better understand how I can help #recipient company name# with #area of your expertise# – #link to your portfolio page#.

    Please have a look and let me know what catches your eye. Next we can connect on a quick call to discuss more details.


    Putting these templates to use

    Use these cold email templates as a starting point when writing your own email copy. Check these cold sales email templates for more email ideas.

    Improve your email campaigns by AB testing different subject lines, body copy, and full campaign sequences. The best results will come from trying out different templates, keeping what works, ditching what doesn’t, and continually tweaking until you’ve developed the perfect sales email template for your business.

    You can also use these templates as your first message in a cold email sequence for sales. For subsequence follow up emails in your sequence, use these follow up email templates.

    But before you actually use that copy in a campaign, be sure to test the deliverability of that email following these steps.

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