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B2B Sales, Solar EPC, CRM, Sales Tracking

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Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Gmail

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Fuzen Team


$25 / month

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Solar Sales Tracking

In a rooftop solar installation or solar EPC business, you need to track so much more than regular information about your leads.

When you approach a prospect customer, you don’t just their contact information and requirements. You also need to do site survey, check their electricity bills, perform basic technical feasibility and analysis. Then, finally you can give then a proposal fit for their needs.

A traditional CRM doesn’t give you the means to track this whole process and the documents that go along with it.

That’s why we have developed this customized CRM for rooftop solar installers.

Our solar CRM is built withing Google Drive, by connecting – Gmail, Google Sheets and Google Forms with customized workflows. It converts your Google Drive account to a powerful solar sales management tool.

  • Central dashboard for solar sales funnel
  • Sales inputs from field via mobile phones
  • Capture site survey details with mobile form
  • Enable seamless collaboration
  • Link preliminary Engineering process with CRM
  • Automated email alerts for the team
  • Documentation streamlined within Google Drive
  • Customized workflows as per your sales process
  • Simple and light CRM built within Google Drive

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How it works

Customized solar sales tracking workflows

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Benefits of Solar Sales Tracking

  1. User friendly solar CRM with Gmail + Google Sheets +  Forms 
  2. Holistic tracking of solar sales process including – site surveys, engineering design, proposals and follow ups
  3. Easy collaboration within the sales team powered by robust Google Apps
  4. Daily email alerts make sure you never miss out on any communication with leads
  5. Fully customizable structure means you don’t have to learn new sales processed. But all you current sales workflows will be digitized within Fuzen solar CRM.
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