Solar EPC Project Tracker

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Solution for:

Solar EPC Project Management, Document Management, Progress Tracking, Cost Control etc.

Tools used:

Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Gmail, Custom Web Apps

Created by:

Fuzen Team


$25 / month
for UNLIMITED users

Solar EPC Project Management

Does your project team still work predominently with emails and spreadsheets? There’s a good reason for that.

Your team members have probably grown up using emails, spreadsheets and shared folders. For them, it is a matter of convenience over connectivity.

It has become their habit to use spreadsheets and emails to manage work. If you ask them to start using a project management or ERP software, they will just see it as a burden.

But don’t worry. Fuzen can help you by simply converting your Google Drive into a sophisticated solar EPC project management solution.

Your team will love it for being as simple as Google drive and at the same time you get all the benefits of a well-connected business solution.

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