Engineering Document Controller

Solution for:

Document Management, Progress Tracking, Project Management

Tools used:

Google Drive, Google Sheets, Gmail

Created by:

Fuzen Team


25$ /month
for UNLIMITED users

Engineering Document Controller

This is a document control solution created for engineering design projects. Engineering design mostly revolves around delivering a set of engineering drawings, reports, datasheets etc. 

This document control solution integrates Google drive folders with a ‘Master Document List (MDL)’ spreadsheet. Any document / drawing files saved in the project folders are tracked in real time and progress of engineering deliverables is updated in real time in the MDL.

Workflows and functionalities –

  • Document control and management
  • Progress tracking for engineering design projects
  • Easily manage and delegate deliverables to team
  • Automated to-do list emails and reminders
  • Easy documents & drawing sharing between team members
  • Real time tracking
Project spreadsheets – 
  • Master Document List

Project folder structure – 

  • Main Project Folder
    • Engineering Deliverables
    • Miscellaneous

Guide: Automating Engineering Document Control

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