Drip Email Marketing

Solution for:

B2B email marketing, automation, drip email campaigns

Tools used:

Google Drive, Google Sheets, Gmail

Created by:

Fuzen Team


$25 / month
for UNLIMITED users

Drip Email Marketing

Built with Google sheets and docs, this is a very lightweight, yet powerful marketing automation software for B2B email marketing. You can ensure much higher opening rates and conversion with customized drip email marketing, instead of blindly bombing your leads with mundane daily mailers and newsletters.

Drip email campaigns help you get past the spam filters, ensure higher opening rates and build deeper engagement with your audience. If you believe any of these is valuable for B2B email marketing, then THIS IS the solution that you are looking for.

Workflows and functionalities –

  • Email marketing automation
  • Simple HTML email templates created using Google docs!
  • Scheduled email campaigns
  • Get past the spam filters to ensure maximum opening rates
  • Customizable solution built with robust Google drive apps
Spreadsheets – 
  • Mailing List
Folder structure – 
  • Drip Email Marketing – Main Folder
    • Email Templates

Guide: Automated B2B email marketing with FUZEN

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