Cold Email Sales Helper

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Solution for:

B2B sales email campaigns, automation, drip email campaigns

Tools used:

Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Gmail

Created by:

Fuzen Team


$25 / month

Cold Email Automation

Spam filters have become smarter. They can detect patterns of automated bulk emails. When you send hundreds of marketing emails with a bulk emailing software, there is a good chance those emails will land in ‘SPAM’ or ‘Promotions’ folders.

Fuzen’s ‘Cold Email Sales Helper’ is a smart solution that mimics the email sending pattern of a human. While these emails are automated, they appear as if you manually sent them. They get past the ‘SPAM’ and ‘Promotions’ folders to land in inbox.

Fuzen can boost the opening rate for your cold email campaigns by  300-600% !

This solution is ideal for B2B sales where you send tens to hundreds of emails in a day.

  • Get past the spam filters to maximize email opening rate
  • Automated cold email campaigns
  • Multiple campaigns, from multiple email accounts
  • Track opening of each email
  • Personalized HTML emails
  • Simple email templates with Google Docs!
  • Scheduled campaigns
  • Customizable solution built with robust Google drive apps
  • Integration with Google Analytics
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