Cold Email Automation

cold email automation

Solution for:

B2B sales email campaigns, cold email campaigns, automation

Tools used:

Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Gmail

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Cold Email Automation

Spam filters have become smarter. They can detect patterns of automated bulk emails. When you send hundreds of marketing emails with a bulk emailing software, there is a good chance those emails will land in ‘SPAM’ or ‘Promotions’ folders. Fuzen’s ‘Cold Email Automation’ app is a smart solution that mimics the email sending pattern of a human

Cold email automation workflows send your emails in a staggered manner instead of sending all of them at once. This ‘human-like’ email sending behavior helps you avoid the spam filters.

Fuzen can boost the email deliverability and opening rate for your cold email campaigns by  300-600% !

This solution is ideal for B2B sales where you send tens to hundreds of emails in a day. It will help you build up and maintain a healthy sender reputation, so that your emails are well received by your customers.

Cold Email Automation Features

Maximize sender reputation and email opening rate

Track opening and clicks on each email

Automated cold email and drip email campaigns

Schedule your emails for the best time slots

Mailing lists managed in simple spreadsheets

Track engagement in Google Analytics

Write personalized HTML emails in simple Google Docs

Customize the workflows and formats as per your needs

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Starter Plan

Single sender account
for solo marketers

  • Integrated with Google sheets, Docs, Gmail and Google Analytics
  • Manage mailing lists in Google sheets, email templates in Google Docs
  • Track emails, bounces and engagement in real time
  • Scheduled cold and drip email campaigns
  • Online Training Included
  • Email sequence based workflows

Pro Plan

10 sender accounts
for agencies and growing businesses

  • Everything in the starter plan plus..
  • Enough headroom for a growing team
  • Customized drip email sequences
  • Fast tracked support
  • Customized workflows and integrations
Best Value

Business Plan

Fully customized
cold email automation

  • Everything in the pro plan plus..
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Fully customized workflows plus integrations with other marketing and CRM tools.

How does it work?

Upload your mailing lists to Google Sheets

Copy your email content to Google Docs

Send emails with your connected Gmail or SMTP account

Fuzen will help you to land majority of your emails in INBOX

cold email automation - dashboard module

Measure the progress and success rate of your campaign in simple Google spreadsheets

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