Solar EPC Project Management: Manage project portfolio

A solar project management app created on the Fuzen dashboard actually represents a portfolio of solar EPC projects. You can create multiple such apps in your account if you want to manage different groups or portfolios of solar EPC projects.

For example, you can have two different apps for managing residential and commercial rooftop solar projects. Then you can create your actual projects within one of these apps.

For each of these projects, Fuzen automates the progress tracking for all your solar EPC projects at the level of individual project activities. The overall progress for a project is then calculated based on the actual progress for all activities and their weightages.

Monitoring progress at portfolio level

To track the overall progress of different projects in a portfolio, you can go the ‘Central Dashboard’ in your solar project management app. On this dashboard you will see a list of all the ongoing solar EPC projects within this particular project group / portfolio.

This dashboard represents the summary of progress for all projects. Here, you can see the planned Vs actual progress for each project project.

To see the details of a project, click on the ‘Manage Project’ button and then select the ‘View Details’ option. Then a pop-up will show you all the details for this project.

Accessing projects within the portfolio / project group

To access a project within an app, simply click on the ‘Projects’ tab in the solution details page of your app.

There you will find the list of all ongoing projects. Click on ‘View Details’ to open this project.

Alternatively, you can also go to the Google Drive folder of your app and then find the project folder located within that app folder.

Within your app you will run multiple such projects. Once they are completed, you can archive them from your central project dashboard.