Cold Email Automation: Create and manage campaigns

Fuzen’s cold email automation app turns your Gmail & Google Drive accounts into a highly productive email marketing platform.

After setting up your cold email automation app within Google Drive, next you can – create new mailing lists, email templates and multiple cold email campaigns.

If you have already set up your mailing list and created your email template, now it is time to look at how to start your first email campaign.

Create a new email campaign

Go to the Email Campaigns Dashboard from your cold email automation app and click on “Create New Email Campaign”. You will be taken to a form to launch a new email campaign.

You can launch a new email campaign in 3 easy steps.

First, give your new campaign a title for your reference, specify a email subject line and select an email template to be used for this campaign. Please note, your email subject can also be personalized similar to the main email text.

You will be able to preview the email text from selected template. If you need to edit the email content, click on the link provided for editing your email template, as shown in the next screenshot.

The selected email template document will then open in a pop-up window, where you can easily make the required changes.

Close the pop-up when you are done and hit the refresh button to preview the updated email text.

If the email content looks satisfactory, then scroll down and click on the ‘Next’ button to go to the next step of selecting a mailing list.

In this step, you can select a mailing list to be used in your campaign. You will be able to preview a summary of the selected recipients.

To make any changes to the list or to add more recipients, click on the editing link. It will open the mailing list in a Google Spreadsheet pop-up.

You can easily add, edit, remove recipients from the selected mailing list. When the required changes are done, simply close the window and hit the refresh button.

When the mailing list is finalized, click the ‘Next’ button at the bottom.

The final step is to define a schedule and daily number of emails for your campaign. You can select the days and time when your emails should be sent, specify the applicable timezone and finally put a cap on how many emails should be sent every day.

Please not that, your should start with a low daily number of emails for a new sender address and then you can gradually increase it as your sender reputation builds up over time.

Click the button at the bottom to create and schedule you new email campaign.

Activate cold email workflows

Fuzen sets up your cold email campaign in a Google spreadsheet. When you open the sheet, you will see all the contacts from your selected mailing list and a toolbar at the top.

You will also notice that by default the cold email workflows are ‘inactive’. You will need to activate these workflows by clicking the ‘Activate Campaign’ button. But before you activate it, you can send a test email to check how it’s finally going to look. Click on the ‘Send Test Email’ button.

Before the test email can be sent, Google will ask you to authorize the automation workflows that are configured within this sheet to manage email sending on your behalf.

Click on ‘Continue’ button. Then, you will be asked to select your Google account and authorize the Fuzen workflows to work within your Google Drive.

Please provide the authorization required to configure and send cold emails from your account.

When the authorization is provided, Fuzen will send a test email to your own email address (used for setting up the campaign). The email content will be personalized using the details of the first recipient in your mailing list.

You can verify the contents of the test email and then go back to the email campaign spreadsheet to activate it.

When you campaign is activated Fuzen will set up a daily schedule in your email campaign spreadsheet to send and track your cold emails.

Subsequently, your cold emails will be sent as per the schedule that you had specified earlier when setting up the campaign.

Track and manage your campaign

When the emails are sent as per the predefined schedule, the date when an email was sent is updated in the ‘Last Email Sent’ column. You will see status of each email against the recipient name. Fuzen will also track and report the number of times any email is opened or clicked, on regular basis.

Manage email campaigns

You can check the details of your campaign by clicking on campaign name and going to the ‘Campaign Details’ page. Here you will find the status of your campaign, performance details and you will also be able to create a sequence of follow-up emails (drip email sequence) for your campaigns.

If you want to pause any email campaign, simply go to the ‘Email Campaign Dashboard’ and click on the ‘pause’ icon.

A paused campaign can be activate by clicking on the ‘activation icon that appears in place of ‘pause’.

When a campaign is over, you can also archive it, by clicking on the ‘trash’ icon against that particular campaign.

All archived campaigns, will simply be moved to a Google Drive folder titled ‘Archived’, within the cold email campaign main folder in your Google Drive.