Hotel management software in India that is - simple, light, and inexpensive

Credit card NOT required for 7 days free trial
Afterwards, pay only ₹900 per month
(no per-user pricing)

hotel management software in india - booking dashboard module

How does the Hotel management software work?

hotel management software in india - booking dashboard module

End-to-end tracking of your hotel bookings from a central booking dashboard.

Keep track of your hotel rooms and their status from a room dashboard.

hotel management software - room dashboard module
hotel management software in india - room details module

Check all the room details like room type, bed type, status, and photos in a single tab.

A simple form to track all your room service charges. And a table to check any charge at any time.

hotel management software in india - room service module
hotel management software in india - check in/out module

Mobile friendly check-in and check-out form to manage booking from anywhere.

Record and maintain payments of individual guests using a simple form. 

hotel management software in india - billing module

Quick and easy bill generation.

At the click of a button, all the bill-related details updated in a predefined template – which can be fully customized. 

All guests data, room photos and other documents is safely stored in your own Google Drive account.

Enabled with best security and privacy settings.

hotel management - google drive module

Honestly now, is there any easier or better way
to manage your hotel bookings?

If you find any other simpler & cheaper alternative, let us know.
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You won't need a credit card for the trial

Starter Plan

For single hotel

/ month
  • Integrated with Google sheets, Forms, Gmail and Folders
  • Workflow to capture track Check in / Check outs + Room service + Payments
  • Monitor sales bookings in real time
  • Generate Bills
  • Regular email alerts
  • Online Training Included
  • Customized invoice creation

Pro Plan

For upto 10 hotels

/ month
  • Everything in the starter plan plus..
  • Central dashboard to monitor business done by all your hotels
  • Opening / closing balance updates for all your hotels
Best Value

Enterprise Plan

For a fully customized, enterprise solution for more nuber of hotels,

The ideal hotel management software for hotel business that connects your check in / check out, room service, payments, billings with customized workflows.

Fuzen hotel booking management integrates all these processes with simple Google Drive apps.

Get 7 days free trial

Pay only ₹900 per month afterwards

Central Dashboard

Use the central dashboard to keep track of your bookings and optimize management process.

Check in/out Form

Make it easy for your desk manager to manage bookings via simple check in/out forms.

Room Service

Track all your room service charges via a simple form.

Room Dashboard

Enable your hotel desk manager to keep a track of all your rooms, their status and other details.

Google Drive Integration

Use Google Drive apps to track booking data, store files, manage communication and be in control of the sales pipeline.

Custom Workflows

Use custom workflows to automate your booking process, with Google Drive tools.

Find out why this is the best booking management software for hotels in India

Hotel Booking Management Software


Fuzen’s hotel booking management software turns your Google Drive or Gsuite account into a booking tracking platform, fine tuned for the nuances of managing hotel business.

Hotel desk manager updates guests check-in and check-out details using online forms. Details are immediately updated on the booking and room dashboard. The room service is tracked on submission. Hotel managers can update payments when they receive and generate an invoice when the guest checks out.

Fuzen platform uses Google Sheets, Forms, Docs and Drive Folders as building blocks. They are connected with workflows customized for your business practices.

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