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Mail merge & cold email automation with Gmail + Google Sheets + Docs

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Cold Email Marketing Automation
Unlimited Sender Accounts
Google Apps Integration
Completely Free Mailshake Alternative
Try it out. If you like it, give us your review and get
a completely free account as an alternative to mailshake
I have been using it for almost a year now.
Its easy to use and has excellent features that let us send and track emails.
The customer support is great too.

Why you should try this free Mailshake alternative

Completely Free

You don't need to pay us. But you can show us your love by giving us a positive review.

Unlimited User Accounts

Making FUZEN the best suited mailshake alternative for agencies.

Simple UI

All your data is connected to Google Sheets, Docs and Google Drive, making it super easy to manage.

Easy to Customize

Set up customized workflows to make this your preferred outreach platform.

Cold Email Automation Features

Get past the SPAM filters

Avoid bulk email sending, humanize your emails to avoid spam filters and maximize email deliverability.

Personalized HTML Emails

Create your email content in a simple Google Doc. Fuzen will convert it to a nice looking, personalized HTML email.

Connect to Google Analytics

Connect your Google analytics account to keep track of your email campaigns and success rate.

Scheduled Email Campaigns

Schedule your cold email campaigns for customers in different time zones.

Drip Email Sequences

Define email sequences based on engagement with your previous cold emails, maximize the engagement and success rate of your campaigns.

Easy customizations

This Fuzen solution can be easily customized to meet your exact requirements of business workflows.

Mailshake Alternative For Agencies

Marketing agencies prefer Fuzen as an alternative to Mailshake as it is easily scalable.

You can add UNLIMITED sender accounts to your Fuzen dashboard, making it 10X cheaper than Mailshake for agencies.

Additionally, you can continue using all our features for free by simply spreading the word.

What is then stopping you from exploring Fuzen?

Not sure about how it’s going to work? Then, schedule a demo call to get you started.

Mailshake Alternative For Startups & Freelancers

Are you an email marketing freelancer? Or an entrepreneur trying to get the word out about your startup?

You may have a tight marketing budget. But we won’t let that become a problem.

Use a completely free account of FUZEN with all the premium features, to get your new venture off the ground.

If you’re new to cold email automation, schedule a demo call to get you started.

Claim your free cold email marketing account now

Take the first step to transform your Gmail account into a powerful marketing tool.
Connect your Google or G Suite accounts to free cold email automation workflows.

How does it compare with Mailshake?

  1. Fuzen integrates your Gmail account with Google Spreadsheets and Docs to create powerful cold email automation within Google Drive
  2. All your data stays in your Google Drive account, giving you 100% control over your email marketing data
  3. Simple UI of spreadsheets, Google Docs and shared folders make Fuzen a very simple and user friendly solution
  4. Fuzen is also 10X cheaper alternative to Mailshake, thanks to heavy lifting done by Google Drive

How does it work?

  1. Copy your mailing lists to Google Sheets. Along with meta data like – names, company names, lead gen channel etc.
  2. Write your email content in Google Docs. Use shortcodes, for example – #Name# for recipient name
  3. Schedule a mail merge campaign from dashboard. Select the days in the week and time slots for sending your emails.
  4. Link your Google Analytics account to track opening and click rates for your emails.
  5. Monitor your campaign progress from a Google sheet that you can easily edit or customize as per needs.
  6. You will control the email sending volumes and frequencies to ensure highest possible email deliverability.

Mailshake alternative in Gmail

cold email automation

Fuzen’s cold email automation app turns your Gmail or Gsuite account into a sophisticated marketing tool. We stagger your emails over a time period to mimic human like email sending. This will guarantee maximum email deliverability for your marketing campaigns.

So how do you use this? Simply copy your mailing lists to our Google sheets. Type your email in our Google Doc template. Fill out a simple form to schedule your first campaign and that’s it!

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Well, it works just as easily. Try it for yourself.

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