Why it is important to avoid spam filters

Online marketing is becoming more competitive with each passing day. Most new businesses and startups look up to online marketing as a cost effective channel to get some business, early on.

While it is true, that online marketing is more accessible and affordable to startups, it is indeed becoming more competitive.

But, cold email marketing is still a well suited marketing channel for startups, if you know how to avoid the spam filters.

Email marketing is still cost effective

You can easily see the competition in Google, Facebook, Youtube advertising space. Using paid ads to get early traffic to your website is very expensive.

But, you can still rely on email marketing for cost effective lead generation. Email marketing works very well for new businesses and startups, since it gives you a lot of control.

Once you build some following and engage your audience with regular emails, there aren’t many limitations to what you can do with that audience.

Unlike facebook (where you need to pay for every ad), you don’t need to pay for every email.

Email marketing costs

Now it is easy to see, why email marketing is a cost effective channel for online marketing.

But although it is cheaper, email marketing is not free. In fact, the most expensive part in email marketing is – getting started.

    You need two things to start an email marketing campaign – interesting content and a mailing list.

    Creating interesting content pretty much depends on your subject knowledge and writing skills. But, building a mailing list is invariably difficult, especially for a new business or a startup.

    Email lists are expensive

    Most email marketing experts will tell you that you should always build your mailing list organically, instead of buying or scraping it from somewhere. Doing so, you will get the consent of everyone on your mailing list that they are indeed interested in receiving your marketing emails.

    But, building an email list organically requires that you already have some traffic coming to your website. Then only you can ask them for their email addresses.

    So it is kind of a paradox, that you first need to get traffic with expensive paid ads in order to build a mailing list.

    OR you can simply buy the mailing list from a marketing agency (not recommended).

    Whatever you do, each email address in that mailing list is going to be expensive.

    Each failed email is a cost to your marketing budget

    Considering how much money you spend on building (or buying) a mailing list, you should definitely try and make the most of it.

    Therefore, each marketing email that doesn’t get opened is waste of marketing dollars. Every time your email is bounced, ignored or marked as ‘spam’ your marketing dollars are wasted.

    avoid spam filters to make your email campaigns cost effective

    But what are the chances of that happening? As it turns out, the chances are very high. Let’s look at a few numbers.

    • Around 45% of all emails are marked as spam!
    • For all email blasts done with a bulk email tool like Mailchimp, average opening rates are only around 20%. If you’re sending cold emails to strangers, that rate drops sharply to 10-12%.
    • A high percentage of the emails that do get opened are from well trusted senders and brands.

    So you can see it is more than likely that most emails from new businesses don’t even get opened.

    How to ensure your email gets opened

    Knowing the importance bypassing spam filters, you should always make sure to regularly test the deliverability of your emails and then improve it. So what can you do to avoid the spam filters and ensure your email is opened? Here are a few tips –

    • Avoid buying a mailing list as much as possible. You don’t know much about the quality or authenticity of these emails. So very likely, you will end up with too many bounced emails.
    • Avoid sending bulk email blasts. They increase the likelihood of your email getting flagged as spam. Alternatively, use cold email automation tools to mimic human like email sending behavior. This is the best way to avoid spam filters.
    • Set up separate domain and email addresses for marketing purposes. You will minimize the risk of damaging your main domain reputation, in case your emails get marked as spam.
    • Make sure your emails are genuinely valuable to your readers. You can offer them either of the following – new knowledge, tips to get new skills, humor, entertainment or genuine news. If your email doesn’t offer any of these, ask yourself why would someone take the time to read through it.
    • Avoid clickbait subjects. Clickbaits are by definition subject lines that get more email opens, but are not closely related to the email content. It is somewhat like fooling your readers into opening that email. Not many people like to be fooled, so avoid clickbaits.

    Cold email marketing to avoid spam filters

    In order to have a chance that your email is read and acted upon, if first needs to reach the inbox. In other words, you need to maximize your email deliverability. You can do that by switching from bulk emailing tools (like MailChimp) to cold email automation workflows.

    For example, Fuzen’s cold email automation tool sends your marketing emails in a staggered manner. Instead of sending 1000 emails at once, it sends them 1-2 minutes apart, spread out over a few days – exactly how an actual person would send it.

    Fuzen’s cold email automation workflows work similar to other tools like mailshake or woodpecker. But since most of the heavy lifting is done by Google Drive, Fuzen becomes a lighter and cheaper alternative to mailshake / woodpecker.

    Spam filters can see the bulk email blasts and assume them to be spam. But when your emails are sent in a staggered manner, it helps them to avoid the spam filters.

    If you are spending several hundred dollars in building a email marketing list, you would want to get the best value for it. Cold email automation will ensure that your emails get delivered.

    Then it’s up to you to make them interesting enough for the readers.

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