How many cold emails can I send per day?

If you’re planning to start a cold email outreach, you should first understand the risks involved in sending cold emails to a large number of people and how many cold emails you can send per day without getting flagged as a spammer.

If you follow the best practices of cold email marketing, it will be a very effective lead generation channel. But often the challenge with cold emails is to get people to open them and maybe even to reply to them.

Getting past the spam filters is the first hurdle in cold emailing process. That’s why many email marketers often ask – how many cold emails per day we can send, without getting caught in spam filters.

Let’s look at why some cold emails get trapped in spam filters and how you can send a certain number of cold emails per day, while still avoiding the spam filters.

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    1. Sender reputation
    2. Warming up new email accounts
    3. Stay below daily sending limits
    4. Recycle low engagement email IDs

    Sender reputation

    The main reason why cold emails get caught in spam filters is sender reputation or rather the lack of it.

    When you send a cold email to someone, that person’s inbox doesn’t have any communication history with your email address. That’s the definition of a cold email.

    A spam filter on this recipient’s inbox comes across an unknown sender and it has to decide whether or not this email is spam. It then relies on a couple of factors to make this decision –

    1. The contents of your email – does it contain any spammy looking trigger words, does it have any suspicious attachments, is it sent from a bulk email marketing server?
    2. Sender score for your email address and domain – what are the opening rates, bounce rates, reply rates for similar emails sent from your email account, have people reported these emails to be spam, all in all what is the sender score for your account?
    How spam filters work against cold emails

    So you must ensure that you have followed the proper guidelines for writing a good cold email. Secondly, keep monitoring the sender reputation for your email account and make sure that your sender reputation does not suffer at any time.

    But, how do you build and maintain a strong sender reputation?

    Sender reputation for your email account and domain is derived from the historical records of all your outgoing emails. ISPs and email service providers maintain this history. They regularly monitor how many of your emails are getting opened or bounced or deleted or flagged as spam. This data accumulated over months and years is used to determine your sender score.

    So to maintain a high sender score you should minimize the bounce rate and spam complaints, while maximizing the email open rate.

    Warming up new email accounts

    When you start with a fresh email account, it does not have any history. As a result it does not have any sender reputation. But if you start sending hundreds of cold emails from day one, it will raise red flag to the spam filters.

    This is typical spamming behavior that these filters look out for. If you start sending a high volume of emails on daily basis from a new account, most of them are guaranteed to go to the spam folder, over the next few weeks.

    To overcome this hurdle, you have to warm up your new email account for at least a few weeks. You can start with as low as 5-10 emails per day, continue this for 1-2 weeks. You can either do this manually, or use a mail merge tool which will gradually increase your daily outgoing emails.

    Monitor the deliverability, check how many emails are getting opened. If the number looks satisfactory (aim for 50-80% email opens), you can gradually increase the number of emails per day.

    For these initial emails it is highly recommended to use a email verification service to minimize the bounce rate of your first few emails.

    If the opening rate is lower, it can be because of a poorly written subject line or even how your name appears in the ‘From’ column. Try to change these things to improve the opening rate.

    For certain audiences and industries, email opening rates are going to be lower than others. In such cases, just accept the hard fact and move ahead.

    But whenever you increase the daily email sending volume, keep a close eye on the opening rates and make sure there is no significant decrease.

    In this fashion, you can gradually increase your daily cold email sending volume to even a few hundred emails per day.

    However, we advise the new users of our cold email automation tool to keep the daily cold email volume below 150-200.

    sending high number of cold emails per day will land them in spam

    Stay below daily sending limits

    When you have been doing cold email marketing for a few months with consistently high email opening rates, you can send higher number of cold emails per day.

    But even then you have to keep them below the sending limits set by your email service providers. Here are are the upper limits set by some of the most commonly used email service providers –

    Recycle low engagement email IDs

    Another thing that you can do to maintain a high sender reputation score, is to recycle the recipient email addresses which are not engaging with your cold emails.

    For example, if someone does not open 3 consecutive cold emails sent from your account, it is better to take them out of your cold emailing list. Sending them any more cold emails will most likely result in lower email opening rates and lower sender score for your email account.

    Instead, take them out of the cold email list and push them to another outreach channel like – a bulk marketing list, Google or Facebook remarketing ad campaign etc.

    If they visit your website again and start engaging with your content again, then they can be brought back to the cold email campaigns.

    Doing this will ensure that you always have the most engaged recipients in your cold email list. Since you can send only a few hundred emails per day, per email account, it is important to use that bandwidth wisely.

    Recycling your list will help you make the best use of cold email marketing channel, while maintaining a high sender reputation for your account.

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