Drip email campaign software that is - simple, light and 10x cheaper.

Credit card NOT required for 7 days free trial
Afterward, pay only $9 per month per email Id.

email drip campaign software - lead detail module

How does drip email campaign app work?

email drip campaign software - central dashboard module

End to end tracking of your drip email campaign from a central dashboard.

Easily add new emails to sequences and schedule them.

drip email - add new email to sequence

Track the progress of all your email contacts, and change the status, email series, and timezone of the contact.

Manage data, email templates, files, and, spreadsheets for all your drip email campaigns from the comfort of your Google Drive.

email drip campaign software - google drive module
email drip campaign software - edit email campaign

Edit your email content anytime.

Honestly now, Is there any easier or better way
to manage your drip email campaign in real time?

If you find any other simpler & cheaper alternative, let us know.
We'll give you a free forever account!

You won't need a credit card for the trial

Starter Plan

Single sender account

/ month
  • Integrated with Google sheets, Docs, Gmail and Google Analytics
  • Track emails, bounces and engagement in real time
  • Send unlimited emails
  • Add unlimited email contacts
  • Online Training Included
  • Customized workflows & reports

Enterprise Plan

For a fully customized, enterprise solution with UNLIMITED users,

Stop wasting valuable hours of your time to manually send cold emails

  • It eats up a lot of your time, making you less productive
  • You end up sending emails late at odd times when they are not likely to open them
  • You put in a lot of effort, but without much outcome

Don't risk your sender reputation by spamming people with bulk emails

  • Spam filters can see when you blast thousands of emails from your email marketing server
  • They will put 75-80% of your emails in ‘SPAM’ folder
  • Leaving you with 10-20% opening rates

Drip email automation workflows are
a lot more efficient and safer

So how do I set up drip email workflow to send marketing emails with my Gmail account?

Use your Gmail / Gsuite account to run your drip email campaign

Get past the SPAM filters

Avoid bulk email sending, humanize your emails to avoid spam filters and maximize email deliverability.

Personalized HTML Emails

Create your email content in a simple Google Doc. Fuzen will convert it to a nice looking, personalized HTML email.

Connect to Google Analytics

Connect your Google analytics account to keep track of your email campaigns and success rate.

Schedule drip emails

Schedule your drip email campaigns for customers in different time zones, to be sent from either Gmail / Gsuite or SMTP account.

Manage with Google Drive

Manage email marketing with Gmail. Manage campaigns, mailing lists and email templates in your Google Drive.

Easy customizations

This Fuzen solution can be easily customized to meet your exact requirements of business workflows.

The best software solution for drip email campaign
combines the user friendly spreadsheets, emails, google analytics, docs with the customizable workflows and automation similar to ERP

Get 7 days free trial

Pay only $9 per month afterwards

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