Construction Project Management Report Template

Construction project management involves monitoring and control of multiple aspects – progress, costs, quality etc. Therefore any template for construction project management report also has to be multi dimensional.

Parameters to be reported

The number one job of any project manager is to keep track of project progress, costs and to make sure they don’t go over the original planned / budgeted limits.

Therefore a holistic construction project management template must give us an up to date picture of progress and costs.

Planned Vs Actual Progress

One important responsibility for any project manager is to ensure that the project is completed on time. Therefore he must track the planned Vs actual progress all the times.

So our project management report template should compare the planned timelines with actual timelines of all construction activities.

construction report template - planned vs actual progress

Planned progress timelines would normally come from a Gantt chart created in MS Project or Primavera. Actual progress values are often tracked in many different spreadsheets – Master Deliverable List, Daily Progress Reports, Material Tracking Sheet, Labor Tracking Sheet etc.

Our centralized project management report should be able to link up with all these sheets for reporting purpose.

Budgeted Vs Actual

The other important responsibility is to maintain the actual spend within budgeted values.

Each construction activity requires labor and material resources. Sometimes there is a fixed cost – for example, work outsourced to a subcontractor at a fixed cost. All of these costs are budgeted for at the beginning of the project and available in the budget spreadsheet.

Whereas the actual costs are often tracked in ERP software, purchase orders, cost control spreadsheets etc.

construction report template - budgeted vs actual costs

A holistic construction project report should be able to compare the budgeted vs actual costs by pulling together data from these different sources.

Overall project health

Finally, there should be easy way to compare the “planned Vs actual progress” and “budgeted vs actual cost”. We should have a bird’s eye view to tell us about the current status and health of the project in terms of schedule and budget.

construction report template - overall project health

Spreadsheet template for construction project management report

Ideally, a construction project report should be able to link up with multiple tools to present following project parameters in real time –

  • Project schedule in Gantt chart or spreadsheet format
  • Budget spreadsheet
  • Cost control sheet
  • Daily progress report sheets
  • Material and inventory tracking sheets
  • ERP; if it is used for procurement and payments

Most of this data can be made available in spreadsheet format. Then it can be easily consolidated in a central spreadsheet for reporting.

Using a spreadsheet report template also provides the flexibility required in a construction project. Construction projects differ a lot from each other based on their scale, size, complexity, type of work etc.

Correspondingly, the report template should also be easily customizable depending on scope of work for the project. This kind of flexibility is easily possible in spreadsheets.

That’s why we have created a spreadsheet based template for construction project management reports. This template can be easily customized based on your needs, desired formats etc.

construction project management report template

Moreover, you can use this template in a Google spreadsheet to easily connect with other tools and spreadsheets used for managing your project. Connecting your construction project management tools in Google drive brings a lot of easy connectivity to the project management processes.

Here is a construction project management solution that connects all your important project management tools – schedule, scope of work, budget, material & cost tracking etc. to finally report the overall project status and health on a centralized report.

Click here to try for a free.

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