Email Marketing

Despite the rise of social media in the last decade, email remains a powerful and very cost effective channel for marketing outreach.

But because it’s so easy to get into, it’s highly competitive. There are billions of marketing emails flying around, getting trapped in spam and getting ignored every day.

Here we will offer you tips, tricks, advice and simplified tools to stand out from the email marketing noise and get noticed.

Here are some broad topics that we can help you with –

Email marketing with Gmail

Gmail is one of the most popular and arguably the most user friendly email client as of today. We help you turn your Gmail account into a powerful email marketing platform.

Email automation

Marketing emails sent in bulk have a poor deliverability record. If most of the emails sent in a bulk email blast land in SPAM or JUNK folders, what’s the use of sending them?

We help you to get around the spam filters by automating your email campaign to mimic a more human-like email sending pattern.

Cold email marketing

When you write cold emails, it can be even harder to land them in INBOX, while also trying to do it at scale. Fuzen will also help you to land your cold emails in INBOX, at scale.

Tips, tricks and advice

We write a lot of emails at Fuzen and we help our customers with their email outreach. We are glad to share our experiences, leanings and the tools we use for our marketing processes.

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