FUZEN strings together your favorite work tools with custom workflows.

To create fully customized and integrated business solutions


Enable your team to do more

with some help from smart automation

Connect your favorite tools

Connect your favorite tools with FUZEN for seamlessly integrated business solutions.

Automate any business process

Explore pre-built solutions to suit your business needs. Use them as a starting points automating and customizing any business process.

Custom workflows

When your established work practices are converted to workflows, it’s easier for your team to learn and accept new solutions.

Fuzen connects your favorite work tools like emails, spreadsheets, shared folders, forms, mobile apps etc. to create seamlessly integrated business solutions.

App templates from the “Solution Gallery” give you an easy starting points to automate your business processes. Next, you can even customize your apps by changing the workflows to match exactly with your business processes.

Tried and tested tools

Fully customized

Risk free trial

Pay as you go

On demand solutions

Ready to get started?

Ready to digitize your business? Explore the range of out-of-the-box solutions available on Fuzen. Find the one to match your business needs.
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